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I also help to grow small businesses by making sure their
Branding & Marketing is targeted to their dream clients. I can also help you with your in Small Business Branding, Product Photography, Social Media strategy and Marketing on a Budget.

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To make things easier for you - Let's start with the basics

4 Easy ways to pay


So you have started your new business, you know you need a website, but have no idea if you can afford it, or you need to start from scratch, with your idea, logo, colours and marketing message.  Still the biggest question on your mind is what will it cost me?

I will make it easy for you, spit it out not waffle around the question with quote requests and scenarios of it all depends of if what and when......


Option 1

Website Build Premium Service

Buy your site, with all the design bells and whistles

COST $1,630.00 INCL GST

or you can pay it off over

NZ$544.00 x 3 months
NZ$271.00 x 6 months

Option 2

Simple Website rental, no upfront cost, no contract lock in.

  1. Custom Re-Designed Website

  2. Messaging and Language — Targeted to your clients

  3. Usability — Does it work

  4. Visual Hierarchy

COST $115 per month  INCL GST



Option 3

The Premium Package

With The Premium Package, you'll get everything included in our Standard Package, with the addition of:

  1. SEO optimisation

  2. Monthly Reports

  3. MailChimp

  4. Landing Sales Page

  5. 1-hour monthly strategy meeting

  6. 1 Explainer video

COST $230 per month  INCL GST

Option 4

My business is really small, is there another option?

All the basics to get you started online, building your online presence and your branding. One running page with up to 5 sections with  your service/ product. contact info and map, 

COST $63.25 per month INCL GST


I need a free Branding/Website Audit


I am ready, I need a New Website

Small-Business-Web-design-christchurch 3

I First need a Brand and Strategy  for my Business


“The most important thing to remember is you must know your audience.”

Lewis Howes


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