I am back, I think....

No really, I am easing into work again, after being in Thailand for two weeks.  This holiday (yes this sound dramatic and like serious first world problems) but this holiday has been a bit of a lifesaver.  Some of you may know that we have a had a pretty horrible year and a half, with my dad passing away with pancreatic cancer, ripping through us like a train crash, still picking up the pieces, weird health conditions in our home and so on, (not gonna bore you with the details) 

Well, its time to grab the bull by the horns again, and get on with it.  Feeling creative and rested, I have put together a free stationary planner, letterhead download.  The Letterhead can be used as a word document, all laid out and font embedded, the planners are in pdf form for easy printing, and yes, it is completely no strings attached FREE!

July Stationary Free download

My plan is to do at least one of these packs a month, more if time allows.

Hope you like it, leave me a comment or an email if you have any thoughts!